The community wine, named Olaszliszka, of course, is created by Amici Vinorum Olaszliszka (Friends of Wine Olaszliszka) members who combine their talents to create this Hárslevelű. They also organise interesting wine trips – often by horse and cart – and vineyard-related events – such as pruning competitions and geological explorations primarily for professionals. The village of Olaszliszka was probably settled by vignerons who spoke a Romance language in the 13th century, the first part of the name meaning Italian. Roughly half way between Tokaj and Sátoraljaújhely, the village has some beautiful if rather delapidated buildings.


Things to do

The village house museum overlooking the river has winemaking equipment from through the ages as well as interesting art and sculptures from the artist next door and others.

The Doll Museum has an amazing collection of dolls through the ages.

The church was renovated in 2014, and work has begun on the synagogue too. In the 19th century Olaszliszka was a key centre of Hassidic Judaism.

Do you prefer horse riding or horse and carriage?

Chilling out by the river Bodrog with the Kvaszinger winemaking family.

Olaszliszka on the map

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