Vineyards in Mád

Mad about Mád? There is good reason to be. Visit some of the most established and best winemakers of the Tokaj wine region, enjoy wandering around a historic town where stunning buildings are being renovated and built at an incredible pace, and savour culinary masterpieces in one of the best restaurants in the area. With around one fifth of the total vineyard area, Mád is a great base for your visit.


Events and festivals

St Urban’s Day in May – both secular and ecclesiastic celebrations

Good Night! Mád in June – a real long summer night – till dawn of concerts at winemakers around the village

Furmint Festival in September – top-notch tasting meets village festival at harvest time

Actually there are many, many more smaller events too, so keep your eye on the calendar so you find out what’s being organised.

Eating and drinking

Definitely some of the greatest culinary experiences are to be enjoyed in Mád… And more establishments opening every month!

Gusteau – delicious and delightfully presented dishes.

Első Mádi Borház – on the edge of town has a great selection of wine for sale and tasting, as well as good coffee and decent daily menu.

Percze – with all manner of ways to travel and enjoy yourself, plus a restaurant. Opening in 2016.

Things to do

Explore the vineyards using an unusual variety of transport – from Segway to bike, quad to motorised bicycle.

Visit the beautifully renovated synagogue and the Rabbi House which is opening soon.

Meet the goats, the “organic clearers”, which are preparing land for planting as vineyards once again, as well as providing the restaurants with Furmint-friendly dishes.

Taste some of the best mature cheeses made locally.

Discover the healing properties of zeolite mined in the area.

Mád on the map

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