Photo of storks in Bodrogkeresztur

This ancient, attractive village on the river Bodrog has several great artisan wineries – who organise the excellent “All Saints’ Merriment” (HU: Mindszent Havi Mulatság) open winery festival in October -, the first Tokaj wine vinegar manufacturers and even a Motor Museum. A thriving folk dance community too as well as one of the greatest white stork populations around. One stork even overwinters here – having survived the first after being injured by keeping close to a warm chimney!

Already settled in the Bronze Age, a slightly more recent claim to fame is that the more Pezsgő (Hungarian sparkling wine made using Champagne techniques) is produced here than anywhere else in the region. So, bubbles all around!



Winter Run” (HU: Fülöp Különc) – 5-km up the hill and back. The first was organised in February 2017.

All Saints’ Merriment” (HU: Mindszent Havi Mulatság) open wineries (usually) on the second Saturday on October where, as well as wine tastings, guests can enjoy tasting the great foods (some baked in the wood-fired ovens), live music (jazz, pop, rock, blues, funky, acoustic guitar, traditional folk), handcrafts, photo and art exhibitions, and performances. And the dance house in the evening is a great opportunity to see how folk dance lives strongly in this community as people of all ages dance till they drop.


Discover the Tokaj wine vinegar factory and its museum.

Take a boat trip or hire a canoe to explore the river Bodrog and its oxbows before it flows into the Tisza at Tokaj.

Climb the hill, past the cemeteries, for a super view over the floodplain.

Or, as you wander along the main street, imagine days gone by when carriages clattered through the gateways into the impressive merchant houses.

Eating and drinking

Lebuj offers traditional Hungarian food and a good range of Tokaji wines in a classic setting near the river. Sturdy wooden tables, plates on the wall, impressive tile ovens for cooler days, or the busy terrace overlooking the river for al fresco dining.

Bodrogkeresztúr on the map

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