Great Tokaj Wine Auction over 100 000 euros

International buyers keen to procure their exclusive barrel of Tokaji wine arrived for the 3rd Great Tokaj Wine Auction - final hammer price € 100 415.
Photo of bidders in auction room at the Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2014 Bakos Zoltán

Great Tokaj Wine Auction - Confrérie de Tokaj

Top producers offer unique barrel lots of Tokaji wines not available on the open market. At the imposing Knights' Hall, Sárospatak castle, 25th April 2015.
Confrerie Tokaj Spring catalogue 2015

Tokaj Spring - Confrérie de Tokaj

A great way to gain insight into the Tokaj wine region at intimate…


Photo of Great Tokaj Wine Auction

Tokaj Spring 2018

Unique weekend event around the Great Tokaj Wine Auction offers serious Tokaji wine enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to be guided around this legendary wine region, discover more about its terroir-driven wines from volcanic soils and meet the talented winemakers leading the rebirth of Tokaji wines. And to taste exclusive Tokaji wines
Great Tokaj Wine Auction catalogue

Great Tokaj Wine Auction 2018

21st April 2018 brings the Confrérie's sixth Great Tokaj Wine Auction. Under the hammer? Exciting contemporary Tokaji wines: dry Furmint, sweet/dry Szamorodni, Aszú
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