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All Saints’ Merriment 2015, Bodrogkeresztúr

October 10, 2015

Mindszenthavi Mulatsag All saints merriment 2015

Harvest has also been a time for celebration – and true merriment abounds for wine lovers as the stunning wineries of Boldogkeresztúr open their doors and arms to visitors for the 5th All Saints’ Merriment (Mindszent Havi Mulatság in Hu). This attractive village with some of the top smaller winemakers (Füleky, Bott, Tokaj-Nobilis) stages a family-friendly wine event with live music, performances, crafts and a variety of tasting events in association with larger neighbours, Dereszla and Patricius. For the festival the “electric train” ferries visitors between venues, including to the top of the hill in Bodrogkeresztúr – from where a wonderful view opens over the river Bodrog and its floodplain, the Bodrogköz.

A highlight of the festival is a visit to the first vinegar maker in the area; the Tokaj Wine Vinegar Manufactory has revived the Hungarian vinegar culture. As well as visiting the plant to follow the journey of Tokaji wine into vinegar, guests can also sample delicacies created by respected chef, Viktor Segal. Of course, cuisine is a natural companion to wine, so local artisan producers of cheeses and jams also join the fun, as do restaurants.

Boldogkeresztúr is a centre for folk dance, and traditions are thriving here with a monthly táncház (‘dance house’) , where keen dancers gather with friends and family to dance the night away to live music. The dance house is the perfect way to end the merriment!

Autumn weather in the Tokaj wine region is generally pleasantly sunny, so All Saints’ Merriment is great for enjoying the last warm rays!

poster for Mindszenthavi Mulatsag - All saints merriment

Programme for 2015

Winemakers and artisans open to visitors from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

  • Patricius
    visit the winery on Saturday: 10:00-18:00, Sunday: 10:00-16:00.
    Venue: Bodrogkisfalud, Várhegy-dűlő, just off the route 37
    11:00 tasting-open cellar at Patricius Winery
    12:00 For children: Handcrafts with Manka and the Aggteleki National Park
    13:00 From the vine to the bottle – guided cellar and estate tour, thematic wine tastings – and try the new Patricius Furmint
    13:00 Music from Harmadik Zenekar
    14:00 Wander with the vineyard manager – Várhegy dűlő tour, tastings of grape varieties must, or from which the wine is made …
    Please register with „barangoló” as the subject: pelsoczieva@patricius.hu
    15:00-16:00 music from Tárkány Művek (will be a great concert!)
    16:00 From the vine to the bottle – guided cellar and estate tour, thematic wine tastings – and try the new Patricius Furmint
    17:00 Aszú or not Aszú… Tokaji wine speciality test from the cellar of Patricius Winery
    Tokaj – Hegyalja photos – Enjoy an exhibition of beautiful photos by Furmint Photo.
    Culinary delights: dishes for the wines from Anyukám Mondta Étterem, Ízes Örömest lekvárium, Chocolove artisan chocolate and cheese from Sajtkóstolda
  • Füleky
    visit the winery on Saturday: 10:00-19:00
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Iskola köz 15.
    10.00-16.00 wine tastings every 2 hours with winemaker György Brezovcsik
    Enjoy wines on the terrace of the renovated Füleky Mansion
    Mindszent Havi surprise wines
    Sándor Bodnár cheeses from Mád
    Photo exhibition of the Füleky renovation
    Estate visit around the 18th-century Füleky Mansion and prize-winning modern winery
    18:00 Bence Hartl guitar
  • Dereszla
    visit the winery on Saturday: 10:00-19:00
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Felső utca 2.
    10.00 – 13.00 For children, handcrafts
    11.00 – 12.00 Matyi Műhely Puppet Theatre: Igazságos Mátyás
    13.00 – 15.00 Dance house for children, local Zemplén dances taught by two Dereszla staff
    15.30 – music from Harmadik Zenekar
    Visit Dereszla Winery, tastings
    Vineyard tour:
    In the morning in Szegi dűlő vineyard – taste Carpinus Winery wines
    In the afternoon two rounds in Henye dűlő vineyard, plus a visit to and tasting at our Henye Borászat.
    Special wines and single-vineyard lots.

    Fun in the courtyard with cheeses, jams and Dűlő Restaurant (Miskolc)

  • Bott
    visit the winery on Saturday: 09:30-19:00
    9-16:00  Bott Winery wine tasting
    12.00 BodrogSmoker cooks irresistable meats for hungry mouths
    13.30-14.00 Hangásznégyes együttes concert
  • Tokaj Nobilis
    visit the winery on Saturday: 12:00-19:00
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth u. 103.
    10.00-19.00 wine tasting, cellar visit
    11.00-13.00 archery in the gardden
    10.00-19.00 Ambrus Tanya cheeses, Csicsörke jams
    14.30 Hangásznégyes concert
    16:00 Paprika Jancsi puppet performance, by Patrik Balogh, pupil at the Bodrogkeresztúr school
    16.00-18.00 Tokaji Bormívelők Társaság – wine tasting of the artisan society’s wine and presentation of the new Riedel Tokaji Furmint glass
    17.00-18.00 music from Harmadik zenekar
    Children’s events all day, Bombonella clown
    Culinary delights – warm and cold dishes from Sárga Borház
    Lamb dishes from Keleméri Báránykák
  • Rozgonyi
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth út 104.
    Wine tasting (enjoy Zsolt Tátrai’s photos projected)
    Pincepörkölt – “cellar stew”
    Csicsörke jams with pancakes by chef Gyula Kovács
    Wine terrace (around 50 people panorama of Tokaj hill)
    Kriston Milán musical
    Alacarte együttes concert (Edda, P-Mobil, Hobo, Bikini)
    Play area for children 
  • Tokaji Wine Vinegar Manufactory
    Venues: Borecet Művek, Manufaktúra
    Venue 1: Borecet Művek – Tarcali út 22.
    10-15.00 – visit the vinegar plant
    – visit the museum
    – vinegar tasting
    from 11 – official Museum opening
    – music from Hangásznégyesvenue 2: Tokaji Borecet Manufaktúra- Iskola köz 11.
    10-22.00 – taste vinegar delights
    – Guest winemaker János Hajdú
    – music from Róbert Kandala
    – fun games for children
    – “A vidék sava… borsa” recipe competition
  • Puklus
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Tarcali utca 13.
    Our traditional tastings – with new surprise wines
    – for the hungry – pogácsa (Hungarian yeasted scone) and mangalica lard bread
    early afternoon real homemade game stew from János and master chef assistant, Józsi
    – music, fun, good atmosphere, great company
  • Bodrogkisfaludért Egyesület Association
    Venues: Bodrogkisfaludi school gym and regional house
    Organised by Bodrogkisfaludért Egyesület Association
    Venue 1: Bodrogkisfaludi school gym
    10:00  Textile exhibition to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sárospataki Foltospille Kör patchwork circle – Opening ceremony and tombola10:00-16:00 discover and try our needle skills
    Venue 2: Bodrogkisfalud-Tájház (regional house), Sallai út
    11:00-16:30 Owl play area with Mónika MárkusThose who want to know which owls live at the meeting of the Zemplén and the river Bodrog or would like to do handcrafts, play and learn folk songs will find plenty to amuse them at the regional house. You can sew textile owls, weave, make traditional instruments from walnuts or reeds, bake an owl cake in the stove.And with hurdy-gurdy music from Bárdosné Simon Kata. For children and adults alike!
  • Keresztúri Kincsestár – the former Treasury
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth út 85. (Faluház – Village Hall)
    Once the residence of nobles, the cellar-system of this imposing building which belongs to Bodrogkeresztúr Council will open in 2015 as Keresztúri Kincsestár, the Treasury.Visitors to the World Heritage sites can discover its historical, natural and cultural assets of the Tokaj wine region and Bodrogkeresztúr in the exhibition room and function room.Of special interest – the interactive exhibition that presents the history of Bodrogkeresztúr as a market town which is in the reconstructed jail cell.A real treasure is the rooms showing copies of the archaeological find “Dereszla kincse”, gold jewellery discovered where the visitor can marvel  at the pieces dating from 1200s BC.Keresztúri Kincsestár exhibition is open on Saturday: 10.00-12.00, 14.00-18.00
    Venue: Bodrogkeresztúr, Kossuth út 85.


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