The magic of Erdőbénye – Bor, Mámor… Bénye

Ever since the first festival, I and many others have cherished this August festival as one of the absolute highlights of the year in the Tokaj wine region, Bor, Mámor… Bénye. Known in English as Wine, Shine, Bénye – and in 2015 the sun will shine and the shooting stars will fly, the lovely wineries open their gardens to us, inviting their favourite musicians, restaurants, artists and craftsmen to add even more colour to already intriguing venues.

pouring wine at the Erdőbénye Bor, Mámor... Bénye festival

The beautiful village of Erdőbénye is perfect for walking around, chatting to friends old and new – and often bumping into others who have loved it so much in previous years that they have returned with friends, to share what is possibly the best festival in our region. So a delightful weekend ahead – of wine tastings, (jazz, world, folk, classical, DJs) concerts, crafts, yoga, walks with architects, talks about the Jewish heritage of the region and political systems, bird spotting, bike tours, graphologist, tarot, cellar visits, tango, book presentations, astronomy, campfires in the vineyard, great food, art and, above all, friendship. Even coffee roasted on site.

Find the detailed programme of this explosion of culture happening 14-16th August 2015 on the website – and maybe see you there!

flyer for Bor, Mámor... Bénye festival in Erdőbénye